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Are your labels on sheets or rolls?
Both – depending on the application we can either run your labels on a sheetfed press or a flexo (roll) press.


How many colors can you print?

We can print up to 8 colors for roll labels, including UV varnish.


What types of material can be used to print roll labels?
We offer several types of pressure sensitive materials including white gloss, white matte, white vinyl, clear polyester, white polyester, thermal transfer, gold and silver foil, and fluorescent stocks. Most of these can also be flood coated to match any PMS color.


What types of adhesives do you offer for roll labels?
Permanent, Removable, and Ultra-Removable.


What types of coatings/laminates do you offer for roll labels?
We can add UV varnish, spot UV varnish, gloss film laminate, matte film laminate, or computer printable film laminate to your roll labels.


What sizes are available for roll labels?
We have several hundred die sizes in-house for circles, rectangles, squares, ovals, and starbursts. If we don’t have the size or shape you need just give us a call for a custom quote.


How many labels come on a roll?
We can adjust that number based on your needs, but generally, we’ll put at least 500 per roll.


Can you print barcodes?
Yes, we print barcodes almost every day. We also scan the labels before and during printing to ensure accuracy.


Can you print consecutive numbers and alpha-numeric codes?
Yes, we can print both. There are certain requirements for these, however, so please call with questions.


Can you make pinfeed labels?
Yes, and we can either supply those on rolls or fan-folded.


Do you sell label dispensers?
Yes, we offer several different sizes and types of dispensers to best meet your needs.


What is the minimum order quantity for flexo labels?
500 is the minimum order quantity.


How will my labels be packaged?
Our standard method of packaging for pressure sensitive labels is on rolls with 3″ ID cores, 1,000 labels per roll.  We also offer 1″ ID cores and sheeted and shrink wrapped.
What is the minimum order quantity for digital labels?
We do not have a minimum order quantity for digital labels.
What resolution does your digital label press print at?
Our digital press prints at 1200 dpi.
Why do I not need plates for digital labels?
We print directly from your already prepared PDF.


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