There are a number of advantages of using digital printing. Traditional printing companies can be done in a short as a week to many weeks to produce a single printing job. We can typically turn a job much more quickly. In some instances, our digital label printing services time is as little as 2 working days from the time of your approval to job completion. If you are in the market for a digital printing job, give us a call today at 800-777-5528.

Digital Printing Means Quality

Constant improvements in the digital printing process consistently provide photo quality with a number of unlimited colors. Traditional printing presses primarily rely on a single-plate printing press business model, which ultimately will add an additional cost for each additional color. Our customers are always surprised with the beautiful results we are able to achieve with our digital printing press because we don’t use printing plates for a digital label or other digital printing jobs, we can make changes to your printing design easily!

Digital Printing Allows for Flexible Quantities

A number of our customers are in the packaging industry. Microbrewers as an example, often have small print run needs for their bottle labels. In the world of digital printing, completing a print job is as simple as telling us how many labels you need for your particular printing job. If you need us to run more copies in a short time period, we just repeat the process for many you want for this next run. Our presses don’t require a long setup period for each printing job. Our short setup time means that you can ask us to print very low quantities to very large quantities which allows you to watch costs and cash flow that might be tied up in another print job. There also is no need for you to wait a long period of time for the set up of a flexography printing press in order to complete your job, which could take up valuable time if there is an emergency or a job with short notice

Our Printing Company Can Easily Complete Print Versioning

Versioning is a term that refers to the ability of digital label presses to print “similar but not identical” label designs simultaneously – something that’s impractical in traditional presses due to the underlying reliance on “plates”. On a digital press, we can print numerous variations of the same size at the same time – so you can combine multiple product needs in a single run.

Our Digital Printing Process Easily Allows for Variable Content

With digital presses, it’s actually possible to have slightly different content on every individual label that you have us print. Variable content is normally used in serial numbering printing jobs, which allows for a number of different product versions.

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Digital printing allows you to have the ability to print your proofs on the actual production press without the setup needed with the traditional offset printing process. Printing with a digital printing company allows you to provide an example of the finished products in a number of different versions to potential customers. When you use your digital printing process, you can group as many different printing designs as you like together, and print a small number, which can often be cost prohibitive for your product testing. In the very recent past, printing a small number of products simply isn’t cost effective through a traditional printing company.

Use a Quality Digital Printing Company Every Time

It’s more than accurate to say traditional offset print presses are suitable for large quantities of individual printing jobs. And without a doubt, we can definitely handle that type of printing job as well. Digital printers are best for short print runs. Digital printing is best to use when there is a multiple version of the same product line. Digital printing companies, like us, are best used to complete your printing job.

If you are tightly controlling costs for label printing, it’s more than worth your time to explore the benefits of a digital printing company for your business needs. To be honest, most printing companies have not taken the time to move into the world of digital printing, so you may not be receiving the best deal for your printing needs. If you are in the need of a low-cost printing a job done with high quality, give us at Unique Printing a call at 800-777-5528, we are here and waiting to help you today!