Gone are the days when new writers had to struggle to get their books printed. Now services like Print on Demand are enabling new writers to choose the number of copies they want to get printed. Earlier the writers had to wait for approval of their transcripts by the publishers to get them printed. Book printing used to be expensive, and the publication houses used to be snobbish. However, printing technology has changed the way things happen now.

More and more young budding authors are now choosing the self-publication mode. They deserve to be seen, and the latest print technology offers them just that. Now, when it comes to printing less number of copies, there are two printing methodologies that serve a utility. One is the Print on Demand Service, and the other one is the short-run. Quite often it is observed that even for a small number of prints, short-run technique proves to be more cost-effective.

What is Short-Run Printing?

Short run printing is the printing technique used for expediting custom printing orders of books. It can be used for processing order of 50 books upwards. However, this technique can be used to process print jobs of any number of books. This technique allows for a highly customized book to be printed. The peak operational cost here is dependent upon the initial settings of the short-run. A significant advantage here is that with the increase in quantity, the cost of printing comes down here.

print-on-demand-vs-short-runPrint on Demand vs. Short-Run Printing?

Print on Demand is a service which provides an instant solution to quick printing jobs involving a small number of copies to be printed. Here the author can submit the order anytime he wants and the turnaround time with this service is really quick. Print on Demand service is best suited for people who want a specific purpose printing job done quickly. It is cost effective for a small number of prints. However, as the number of copies to be printed increases, POD as a service loses its sheen. Unlike short run service, the unit cost in case of Print on Demand service does not decrease with quantity. This happens to be the most significant disadvantage of print on demand as a service. Another drawback with print on demand service is the lack of proper customization, unlike short run where a high degree of print customization is available.

The Print Quality?

Print on demand is always done on digital printers. The quality of prints is top class, but in no way, does it compare to the customization options of short-run presses. Regarding output quality, both the printing methods are equally good. Again, it all boils down to the purpose of book print and the quantity that is required to be printed. Please note that we are speaking just about the print quality here. If your book print has additional quality components that need to be taken care of, please go for the short-run as it provides a high degree of customization.
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