Handcrafted products are now becoming a rave. With online sales and even offline sales booming, we thought it’s really the right time to blog about why should a handcrafted product maker go for custom labelling. Yes, we know that it is our business to make labels but we are not trying to push things here. We are here to make people understand that even handcrafted products need proper labels. At the time of writing of this blog post, Etsy, the online marketplace, has close to about 1.9 million active sellers and we are not even mentioning the number of products that they might be offering. Hope this gives you some idea about the magnitude of competition that you would face while pitching your products to the customers.

Now for the sake of better understanding, we are assuming that you too are an online seller and you produce some really great handcrafted stuff which needs to be sold. We duly admit that selling things online is another ball game which we might not have expertise in but we can authoritatively say that services like ours can surely net in some repeat customers. The old norm of selling handcrafted goods online was sending the product in a blank packaging to the customers. Now we dare ask you this where is the juice in that? Step into the shoes of the person who has bought your product. Just remember customer is the king here and he should be treated like one. How does it feel to receive a great product in bland packaging? It is like having a prince in exile.

Here are the reasons why every handcrafted product manufacturer should go for custom labels

Create a Brand

Why are you into the business of producing handcrafted goods? You are in for money we are sure. How do you expand your business? You cannot be present everywhere every time. That’s why sooner or later once you reach a plateau of market visibility, you will have to think like a marketer and a branding guy to move things further. Creating a brand is vital and there is no substitute for it. Labels help you in creating your unique identity, something people will recognize you by. It is like your face. We hope you get the idea by now.

Create the Right Impression

We have already mentioned the competition figures. You need to create something extra that would impress your customers. A study suggests that people receiving their products in a well-labelled packaging are more likely to put up a repeat order. That’s vital for online sales success. Customer retention in the age of e-commerce is all about creating the right impression and professional custom labelling can help you achieve that.

Custom Labels Are Not Expensive

Most people have a perception that custom labelling is expensive. Well, it is not true. If the job order is of adequate quantity, custom labelling is really not expensive. In fact, the major expense that you would have here is that of the creative guy who would design your labels.

We hope that this blog post added some value to our budding business mavericks who produce fabulous handcrafted stuff. In case you have any queries, please feel free to write us an email.