There was an era in this country not too long ago where the beer industry was ruled by a few major players. Anheuser-Busch, Carlsberg, Heineken and other “titans” ruled the market and if you weren’t a huge international brand, it was very difficult to gain anything that came close to the type of traction you were looking for.

Rest assured, those days are finally – and thankfully – over.

Gone are the days where Bud Light and Busch are the be all, end all names in beer. Craft breweries aren’t just massive these days – they’re actually getting more popular all the time. According to one recent study, small and independent craft brewers saw an impressive 5% increase in the total volume of beer sold in 2017. The number of breweries matching that description actually grew 16% in just a year, with 997 new businesses opening in 2017 alone. In fact, small and independently owned craft breweries make up an astounding 98% of ALL breweries operating in the United States right now.

Which means that your competitors are no longer those major, international corporations. They’re other small business owners like yourself.

In a way, that’s freeing – you don’t have to outspend your competitors, you just have to out-think them. Custom beer labels therefore become one of the best opportunities you have to do precisely that, for a number of different reasons that are certainly worth exploring.

Custom Beer Labels: Breaking Things Down

One of the major benefits of custom beer labels comes by way of certain advantages that you unlock by finding the right printing partner in the first place. Modern day digital techniques allow you to leverage short run printing to your benefit – meaning that you no longer have a minimum order quantity that you’re trying to hit just to make the whole thing worth it.

This means that you can not only change your labels up on a regular basis to keep things fresh, but you can also easily (and affordably) design new labels for limited run brews that you come up with every year. If you’ve always wanted to introduce seasonal beers or even those timed to coincide with certain events but found label printing (and its costs) standing in your way, rest assured this is not an obstacle any longer.

Likewise, custom beer labels also allow you to experiment with certain timely promotions and other offers that you can make a natural part of the packaging for greater effect.

But more than anything, custom beer labels are your chance to definitely stand out in an admittedly crowded marketplace. Not only do professionally designed custom labels automatically make your product look classier, but you can also differentiate it from every other design you see to give it its own unique identity to go along with its flavor. People will be able to see your beer quickly just by glancing down the selection at the local bar or liquor store. Once you have their attention, you can then let the beer speak for itself.

If you’d like to find out more information about why custom beer labels are the investment that you need to be making for your business moving forward, or if you’d just like to discuss your own labeling and printing needs with someone in a little more detail, please contact Unique Printing and Labels, today!