No doubt, you are bombarded with information at nearly every waking moment these days. Nevertheless, despite the deluge, seemingly simple information remains relevant for you and your loved ones. Think about allergies. How many products have you seen in the last couple years with a new, bold part of their labels, declaring: “Gluten Free”? Product information labels and product warning labels are not a new trend; however, their importance to your business, and to the consumer, has not waned in recent years.

Below you will find some highlights on why product information is so important in the information age.

Provide your customers with health information:

Your product labels help provide your customers with information that is crucial in their decision-making process when they are contemplating purchasing your product. If they suffer from Celiac, it is critical that your beer labels clearly state whether or not a specific brew is a wheat beer. If your product contains nuts, it should be clearly stated, lest you find yourself in legal troubles and the customers find themselves in an allergic emergency. Allergies are deathly serious, so it is not only a legal requirement, it is a business imperative that your labels include information that provides your customers with accurate product information. Providing a consistent product, through clear labeling and informative content, is a clear route to building customer loyalty.

Sharing IS Caring:

The more useful information you share on your product labels will make your customer’s lives better – and it will also make your life better. If your product contains ingredients, materials, or chemicals that can negatively affect your customer base, their families, their pets, or their environments, you can count on the fact that they both want, and need, to know about it! Businesses must adapt to the shifting landscapes of culture – this includes providing specific details about your product that may impact shifting paradigms. People are more health and environmentally conscious in the information age, and your labels should reflect that your company is too. Think about how, nowadays, customers place value on descriptive information such as grass-fed, saturated fat %, etc. If your labels provide the information to your customers that show them that you are treating them like you would want to be treated, you’re more likely to see repeat business.

product-information-importance-on-labels-usaLabels provide brand information to the consumer:

You can provide your consumers with interesting information regarding your brand (think about all the uniqueness you see among craft beer labels). Moreover, labels help make your company/brand instantly recognizable to the consumer. The psychology, and value, based around brand-marketing has been spoken upon extensively and has not decreased in the age of instant information. Moreover, your labels can help promote your products – an attractive label can lead to more sales. Lastly, informative labels help tell your story to the consumer – and we all love a great story.

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