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Standard Print Unwind Roll Chart

Standard Print Unwind Roll Chart Labels Per Roll For Hand Application:

When labels are to be applied by hand, the number of labels per roll is determined by the repeat length of the label. (Length of label plus the space between labels). A roll diameter of 5 1/2" to 7" may be handled easily.

  Label Repeat      Labels per Roll
   1/2" to 2"            2500
     2" to 6"            1000
     6" to 10"            500
    10" to 15"            250

All labels will be wound on 3" cores either #2 or #4 wind direction unless otherwise specified. Labels to be imprinted in a typewriter or computer must be wound #1 wind direction. Other core sizes and dispenser boxes are available upon request. Please contact your Customer Service Representative for your specific needs.

Labels For Automatic Application:

Specifications may vary depending on the type of applicator being used. Exact specifications must be supplied when an order is placed to ensure trouble free application.

As a general rule all labels for automatic application must be Die Cut with a minimum of 1/8" space between labels on 3" I. D. cores. By supplying the maximum roll diameter your applicator will except, we can determine the maximum number of labels per roll, based on repeat length of the label and the material being used.
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