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Starburst Labels

Standard Sizes - All Starburst Die sizes are shown below. Consult your Customer Service Representative with your specific application:

1" 1 1/2" 2" 2 3/4"

Stock: Choose from High Gloss, Matte Litho, Dull or Bright Gold Foil, Dull or Bright Silver Foil, Fluorescent Red, Orange, Green, Chartreuse or Pink.

Ink Colors: Choose from Black, Reflex Blue, Process Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, Rubine Red, PMS 185 Red, or any Standard Pantone Color. Metallic & Fluorescent Inks available at an extra charge.

Labels are supplied 1000 per roll on 3" ID cores with the waste removed for easy application.

    1M 2.5M 5M l0M
1" 1 color 62.11/M 28.51/M 17.31/M 11.71/M
  2 color 76.11/M 34.11/M 20.11/M 13.11/M
  3 color 114.61/M 49.51/M 27.81/M 16.96/M
1 1/2" 1 color 65.85/M 32.25/M 21.05/M 15.45/M
  2 color 79.85/M 43.98/M 23.85/M 16.85/M
  3 color 118.35/M 53.25/M 31.55/M 20.70/M
2" 1 color 70.23/M 33.28/M 25.43/M 19.83/M
  2 color 84.23/M 42.23/M 28.23/M 21.23/M
  3 color 122.73/M 57.63/M 35.93/M 25.08/M
2 3/4" 1 color 77.96/M 44.36/M 33.16/M 27.56/M
  2 color 91.96/M 49.96/M 35.96/M 28.96/M
  3 color 130.46/M 65.36/M 43.66/M 32.81/M


Please consult your Customer Service Representative on quantities over 10M or on 4, 5, & 6 color labels.
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