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Pressure Sensitive Labels

With our six color, 10" roll label press and our three color, 7" presses, we offer a complete line of roll pressure sensitive products including: four to six color process color labels, product labels, bar code labels, warning labels, pinned labels, promotional labels, shipping and mailing labels, video and audio cassette labels, software labels and more!

This page will lead you to all of the information you need about Pressure Sensitive Label production methods, as well as Unique's dies, adhesives, stocks, etc. Click on the links to see more information about each topic.

Unwind Roll Chart
Print Unwind Roll Chart - this will show you the eight ways labels can come off the roll. This is most important if you are using label dispenser machines.

Label Stocks - This is the material your labels will be printed on. This involves the durability, transparency, gloss and more.

Adhesives - This is what will be used for your label's "glue."

Shapes, Sizes and Prices:

Corners - Click here to see corner sizes for Rectangle label dies.

Sample Labels - Check out some of the labels we have done!
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