Dispensa-Matic "U-45" and "U-60-(S)"
from Unique Printing & Labels, Inc.

Power Advance Dispenser for printed labels in rolls, or one up fan fold computer print out labels.

Accepts formats up to 4 " width and rolls up to 9" diameter and dispenses most standard labels without difficulty. Vinyl, acetate, foil or other very thin stock may require a sharp edge table or other special modification of the dispenser, and if you are contemplating printing roll labels (which you have printed elsewhere) please send 60" length of labels with your order to permit us to make a recommendation, if one is needed. The U-60-(S) accepts 6" widths.

Weight 8 lbs., 115 volt 60 cycle 70 watt

Dispensa-Matic "U-45" $519.00
Sharp Edge Plate $39.00
Footswitch $49.00

Dispensa-Matic "U-60(S)" $589.00
Footswitch $49.00

Prices Subject to Change Without Notice. Call to confirm pricing.

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