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Versatile Dispensa-Matic Label Dispensers
A Complete Selection of Semi-Automatic and Manual Label Dispensers

Affix all types of Pressure Sensitive Labels FAST and EFFICIENTLY without complex expensive equipment! Dispensa-Matics are precision built to exact specifications down to a thousandth of an inch out of the finest quality material available, providing for smooth, even, trouble free flow of the form through the dispenser. Technically skilled operators or trained mechanics are not required. Anyone can be a qualified operator with a few hours use. No service calls for operational trouble or training are necessary. Down time is rare, and maintenance is minimal. Changing from one size label or material to another requires no tools or set up time.

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Semi-Automatic (Power advance) - As each row of labels is peeled and released from the backing paper, the advance of each row is controlled by the limit switch adjusted to stop the motor at a precise point where the label may be easily grasped and quickly transferred to the material. As the label contacting the limit switch is removed for application, the following row (whether a single label or a multiple row) is similarly released and projected toward the operator. Thus the automatic advance feature permits both hands to be used for the handling of the labels and the material and results in a surprising boost of productivity. "You can't overtake it, and it can't overtake you."

Manual (labels pull of one at a time by hand)

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