Dispensa-Matic "16"
from Unique Printing & Labels, Inc.

Automatically furnishes peeled computer print out labels.

Handles all fan fold formats produced by computer up to 16" width regardless of whether the form is one-up, two to five columns, or more. Permits affixing of 1500 to 2500 standard size mailing pieces per hour with average dexterity.

Dispenses any width label without adjustment, and instantly adjusts for different label depths with fingers. Multiple column labels exceeding 3" depth may require a foot-switch.

Weight 18 lbs., 115 Volt 60 cycle 70 watt

Dispensa-Matic "16" $849.00

Dispensa-Matic "16" High Speed designed for faster delivery
of labels 3" or more in depth: $899.00

Footswitch $49.00

Prices Subject to Change Without Notice. Call to confirm pricing.

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